Keanu is alright, I guess

It’s just OK. Like, it’s fine, it passes the time well enough. It has a couple good jokes, there’s a bit of energy here there, and its got a cute cat. But it just never kicks into gear the way a Key and Peele skit usually does. The action scenes aren’t as lovingly made as something like MacGruber, the side characters aren’t as colorful as they need to be (except a game Will Forte), and it just kinda stalls for the middle act. It feels like Key and Peele knew they had to make a movie and tried to stretch a skit idea, rather than had an idea for a skit that turned out to be better suited for a movie. Given the talent of the leads, Keanu could never be a complete a waste of time, but is not the cult classic I might have expected.



Keanu (2016)
Directed by Peter Atencio
Starring Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Tiffany Haddish, and Method Mad
Rotten Tomatoes (76%)

Keanu is alright, I guess

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